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Help us improve all lives by serving men facing mental health challenges


Men face specific challenges when it comes to addressing mental health issues. 
According to Mental Health America, 6 million men living in the U.S suffer from depression. In a National Center for Health Statistics study, nearly one in ten men reported experiencing some form of depression but less than half sought treatment.
78% of all people who die by suicide are men (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
Men are often reluctant to seek help, particularly for depression, and are far less likely to access professional mental health services than women. Men make up less than 25% of people treated for depression and/or substance abuse. For a lot of men, a Fishing the Good Fight program, such as a Retreat, is the first time they have opened up about the struggles they face. 100% of men who attended a recent Retreat indicated that they would seek professional help after the retreat.
We need your support to build impact. Please consider joining us today.


The Fishing the Good Fight Model

Our model is based on research that shows that spending time in nature and developing healthy hobbies such as fly fishing, being surrounded by a supportive community unified in the pursuit of wellness, and engaging in professional therapy has an overwhelmingly positive effect on men’s mental health.


We provide a host of programs that welcome men into the Fishing the Good Fight community and keep them engaged. In addition to direct programming, we work to raise awareness and provide mental health resources to the public at large. We also subsidize the cost of mental health services through grants to individuals seeking help.

2022 Program Goals


Deliver four Wellness Retreats and those retreats will provide targeted programming to 35 men.

Conduct 36 weeks of our Men’s Group program that will serve 24 men.


Direct over 1,000 men to our Head Inspection Test, which guides them towards mental health resources and male specific providers in their area.


Provide over $20,000 in scholarships that will allow 50 men to access professional therapy regardless of ability to pay. We have partnered with Elevated Counseling and People’s House of Denver to help us reach this goal.

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 1.19.05 PM.png

Over 300 men will have the chance to connect socially through twenty-eight fly-tying nights in Denver.


Due to a generous in-kind donation from Deloitte we are creating a strategic plan to scale Fishing the Good Fight programs. We are grateful for this generous donation!

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