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Fishing the Good Fight believes that professional help is important for all men. We strive to make it accessible, affordable, and easy to find....Personal statement about why FTGF believes in therapy

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Denver Men's therapy


People House


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Local resources

Call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) to get support on how you can get help and get linked up with local resources or click here to chat with someone online. 


family resources

Ask about the 'Family-to-Family' Education Resources from your local National Alliance of Mental Illness Chapter.


depression + bipolar resources


suicide prevention resources

Denver Men's Therapy is the only group practice in Colorado specializing in working with young and adult men.  They are all about getting down to work and tackling the tough stuff.  They provide therapy for men who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, relationship problems, and anger. 

People House offers affordable, holistic counseling to those who might otherwise be unable to experience the transformative power and support of professional counseling. 

Elevated Counseling & Wellness is a group practice in the Highlands/Jefferson Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado that offers the highest quality of therapy services ranging from men's counseling to couples counseling, as well as counseling for women, teens, and families. 

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Paying for important mental health services should never be out of reach for those who need it. At FTGF we .................... to make sure that those in need of counseling can receive financial aid to get the care they deserve.

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