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The research is abundantly clear: spending time in nature, developing healthy habits and hobbies, and surrounding ourselves with supportive people all have positive effects on our mental health. Fishing the Good Fight retreats allows participants to do all of these things in one weekend!


2024 Retreat Calendar Coming Soon!


Why attend a retreat?

Retreats are attended by men looking to meet other men who are interested in improving their mental health. Participants experience the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing and have the opportunity to personally grow during group and one-on-one wellness sessions. A licensed therapist attends the entire retreat and leads these sessions. 


Our retreats are epic fly fishing adventures! We fish some of Colorado’s most pristine streams often on private land. We provide expert anglers to teach and assist the beginning and experienced fisherman alike. Our team of commercial fly tiers provide detailed instruction and walk participants through tying patterns that will be used throughout the weekend. Fishing experience is NOT required.


Attendance is limited to eight participants and spots fill up quickly. 

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"My biggest takeaway from this weekend is despite the differences of all the participants; socioeconomic backgrounds, upbringings and just overall differences, we all had a lot of similarities. I felt it was a great experience. Walking away knowing that it’s ok to not be perfect, it’s ok to be true to ourselves and the ones we love and genuinely caring and being kind to ourselves before we focus on others. No matter the situation, no matter the severity, no matter the pride or ego that holds people back from being vulnerable, this group is genuinely committed to helping men understand themselves better, understanding that there are options and solutions, there are ways to address things. This is a great way to kick-start growth and a healthy lifestyle, no matter your situation."
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What you will learn:

  • Fly fishing skills like; approaching the water, presentation, different styles of fly fishing, and fly tying.

  • General skills for new anglers like netting a fish, setting up your rod, tying on flies, ect.

  • Advanced skills for seasoned anglers like in-depth entomology, advanced fly patterns, mastering technical water



what you will take home:

  • Recognizing symptoms and warning signs of mental illnesses

  • How to better cope with symptoms

  • Skills and techniques for having hard conversations with someone you're concerned about

  • A renewed appreciation for the healing power of nature

  • New friends and a great support system

  • A better understanding of mindfulness and relationships



upcoming retreats

JULY 14 - 16, 2023

  • Our first alpine lake destination. The property is located in Clear Creek County just off of Guanella Pass Road. Just 56 miles from Downtown Denver.

  • Friday Arrival between 6-8pm 

  • Sunday Afternoon Departure

  • Lodging: Duck Lake

  • Fishing: Duck Lake, alpine lake

  • Cost: $975 which includes two nights of lodging, food for the weekend and all activities.

**If cost is prohibitive, please inquire about our scholarship program HERE


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A sample retreat day

Each day begins with a hearty breakfast before heading to the river.


Next is a group therapy session on the water lead by a wilderness therapist.


After the group session, we host a fly fishing instructional seminar, followed by time on the water paired with an expert angler.  

Lunch is provided before another fly fishing instructional seminar and more time on the water.

The day wraps up with another group session before the group heads back for dinner.


august 11-13, 2023
lake george, CO

  • Friday Arrival between 6-8 pm 

  • Sunday Afternoon Departure

  • Fishing: Private section of the South Platte from the historic Abell River Ranch

  • Cost: $975 which includes two nights of lodging, food for the weekend and all activities



sept 29 - oct 1, 2023
meeker, CO

  • Fishing in the renowned Flat Tops Wilderness

  • Friday Arrival between 6-8pm 

  • Sunday Afternoon Departure

  • Lodging: Historic Budges Wilderness Lodge

  • Fishing: Upper White River Drainage

  • Cost: $975 which includes two nights of lodging, food for the weekend and all activities.

**If cost is prohibitive, please inquire about our scholarship program HERE


New to fly fising? Never been to therapy? Not great at talking about your feelings? FTGF has created experiences made just for you. Let us teach you to cast and help you talk about your emotions. Each retreat is lead by mental health professionals who are leaders in the Wilderness Therapy space along with seasoned anglers who are sure to help you land that bow. 

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Every aspect of these retreats are made for you.

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Beaver Creek Retreat



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