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Clement& josephinE
wellness ENDOWMENT

Clement and Josephine were lifelong supporters of mental wellness. As an avid fisherman, Clement understood the therapeutic nature of being on the water and Jo was by his side for over fifty years.

The mission of the Clement and Josephine Arena Holt Endowment is to provide financial assistance to men suffering from depression when they need it most. These grants may be used to access professional counseling or attend a FTGF hosted programming.

how it works

Based on disposable income, applicants can receive between $20 - $100 per therapy session or apply to partake in our host of mental health programs. Wellness retreats and men's groups provide opportunities for men to stay connected to our supportive community. Fill out our application below and we'll be in touch.


financial support

Paying for important mental health services should never be out of reach for those who need it. At FTGF we utilize fundraising efforts to ensure that those in need of counseling can receive financial aid to get the care they deserve.

This form is to apply to receive a subsidy for professional counseling. We do not require any other form for documentation but do require that this application is filled out in entirety and will be        re-evaluated on a term basis.

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