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Recommended Therapists

Denver Men's Therapy


Denver Men's Therapy is the only group practice in Colorado specializing in working with young and adult men.  They are all about getting down to work and tackling the tough stuff.  They provide therapy for men who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, relationship problems, and anger. They help get men “unstuck.” You have tried things on your own, they are here to support you.

People House


People House offer affordable, holistic counseling to those who might otherwise be unable to experience the transformative power and support of professional counseling. Our perspective is holistic, starting with the premise that the development and integration of mind, body, and spirit is necessary to become healthy, fulfilled, and productive.

Elevated Counseling & Wellness


Elevated Counseling & Wellness is a group practice in the Highlands/Jefferson Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado that offers the highest quality of therapy services ranging from men's counseling to couples counseling, as well as counseling for women, teens and families. Whatever challenges you may be facing in your life, at Elevated Counseling & Wellness we can work together, helping you to reach new heights. 

Therapist Finder


HelpPRO logo.jpg

HelpPRO ®, the original therapist finder, provides the public with free access to a searchable database of social workers, psychologists, marriage and family counselors and other mental health professionals, countrywide. Individuals connect with therapists who best meet their needs for traditional, in-office counseling as well as telehealth and online options including phone, videoconference, email and text messaging. The service is free for those seeking a mental health professional or support group.

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