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Fishing the Good Fight, Inc. is a non-profit corporation leveraging the healing power of fly fishing to support Men’s Mental Health. We raise money through a variety of fly fishing products and services including hand-tied flies. 100% of the profits are donated to like-minded organizations which provide men's mental health services.

We all know men who have had significant struggles with mental illness and/ or substance abuse. This silent epidemic needs to be addressed, and we believe fly fishing and tying can help.


  1. To use the profits generated from the Organization to increase Mental Health awareness and the availability of and access to Mental Health services for all men struggling with Mental Illness.

  2. To use the platform of the Organization to create a positive and supportive environment for men struggling to talk openly and honestly about their struggles with Mental Illness and to reduce the stigma of Men's Mental Illness within society.

  3. To assist men in building lifelong, healthy and tharapuetic hobbies by being ambassadors of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying and creating a community of men bonded together through their love of the sport.

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