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Late Fall Fly Selection

We're quickly approaching Winter Fly Fishing, which means it's time to whip out the small flies. The only time we aren't fishing small right now is to toss streamers for hungry Brown Trout, but be careful to avoid and Redds!

Avoid Fishing to Redds, like the one above.

Water temperature is important to track this time of year for a couple of reasons. The only bug that can hatch below 38 Degrees are Midges. You'll still have Baetis nymphs flowing through the water, but Trout will key in on Midges before it warms up.

A Blue Wing Olive Nymph

Once the water gets into the high 30's/ low 40's, expect to see Blue Wing Olive's. Remember that they are 1-2x smaller in the Fall than in the Spring (22 vs. 18). Size your flies and tippet to match, as Trout are extremely picky about the correct size BWO. You'll be able to get away with slightly larger tippet and flies on our Freestone rivers like the Colorado vs. our Tailwaters like the South Platte.

Here are our Top 10 Late Fall Patterns:

  1. Foam Wing Emerger (22): This versatile pattern is in our box year-round, but it's especially effective during the height of BWO hatches in the afternoon.

  2. Stalcup's Baetis (22): This BWO nymph is always in the water of any Tailwater. It's our favorite realistic imitation.

  3. Juju Baetis (20): This is a great BWO lead fly/ attractor that can mimic a nymph or emerging BWO.

  4. Juju Bee (22): A great morning fly when the midge hatch is prevalent.

  5. Top Secret (22): A must have, midge emerger. Works on the trickiest Tailwater's and Freestone's. Best during the height of a midge hatch.

  6. Demon Midge (20): This midge larvae is a good fly to have on your rig at all times, especially during overcast conditions when midges will move through the water.

  7. Sparkle Wing RS2 (22): This classic can imitate both BWO nymphs and emergers.

  8. Mayer's Mini Leech Jig Radiant: With agressive, territorial Brown Trout feeding on larger meals, this is a great fly to have in the box right now. We love the black with an orange bead.

  9. Baby Gonga (Brown Trout): This smaller, articulated streamer is a great option during the Fall as Brown Trout spawn. One of our favorites for Colorado.

  10. Goldie: This larger, articulated streamer is a must have for brighter days. It's always in the box and is a favorite in Wyoming and Montana.

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