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Stoned Appetit Podcast: "Fishing The Good Fight with Jennings Hester"

On today's episode of Stoned Appetit, the guys jump on a Zoom call with Fishing The Good Fight founder Jennings Hester. Jennings is a former Alabama football player who moved west a few years ago for his love of the outdoors. While working the day job he started an awareness campaign/fundraising efforts for men's mental health. Fast-forward a smidge and we're talking about Jenning's charity "Fishing the Good Fight" which uses the outdoors as a release/opportunity to help men battling with depression and personal problems. As everyone knows June is Mental Health Awareness month, and we wanted to use today's episode to talk about the often times never-discussed issues plaguing men's health. Jenning's knows this battle well, especially after his playing days, of how to stay happy, content, or sometimes not-okay are all okay. He created FtGF to allow men a place and outlet to address their personal battles, physical struggles, and everything that is often hushed about with men's health.

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. We hope this episode helps shed some light on men's health issues, as well as gives you an outlet if you would like to learn more about men's mental health for you or your family members.

If you ever need anything, whether it's just someone to talk to or if you need more information, or want to get in touch with Jennings and his full team of resources, email me: or check out their website:

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