Top 10 South Platte Patterns for Fall

It's that time of year again. The water temperatures are starting to drop and the larger bugs are becoming less prevalent. Although we'd love to throw large hoppers year-round, it just isn't going to work much longer.

Time to go tailwater tiny. Perfect presentation, tiny flies and small tippet are about to be the key to success. The majority of strikes are going to come via Blue Wing Olive and Midge imitations. That's what the trout will key on the vast majority of the Fall. While there is some incredible dry fly action at select times, most success will come from nymphing (why number 9 & 10 on our list are dries).

Whenever there is an uptick in flows, you'll have success with larger attractor patterns that get dislodged. Stonefly imitations, Scuds, Cranefly and Midge Larva (often ignored) imitations are our favorites.