CDC Biot Comparadun, Stalcup

CDC Biot Comparadun, Stalcup

Staclup created another timeliess pattern with his CDC Biot Comparadun.


The biot body provides a sparse and realistic profile. The CDC provides the perfect amount of floatation for this pattern to ride low in the water, just like the naturals. The mallard feathers add a nice touch of realism to finish it out.


Don't hit the water from Spring - Fall without a handful to imitate different mayfly species.


Tying Tips:

- Make sure your tailing fibbets are stacked up.

- Your first wrap with the goose biot should be by hand, and then wrap with hackle pliers.

- Leave two hook gaps of space in front of the wing tie in point.

- Pack the dubbing tight to keep the wing vertical.



Hook: Tiemco 100 (12-24)

Tail: 4 Tailing Fibbetts

Thread: Veevus 14/0

Abdomen: Goose Biot

Thorax: Superfine Dubbing

Wing: CDC & Mallard Flank (Natural)

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