Emerging Sparkle Pupa

Emerging Sparkle Pupa


One of our favorite caddis pupa imitations. This fly is lights out during the height of a caddis hatch.


It traps air in the yarn to replicate an emerging caddis and will get some agressive takes! Be ready... The trailing shuck adds to the realism of this fly. 


The tungsten bead-head makes this an excellent dropper beneath a caddis dry fly like a Goodard, Elk Hair or Puterbaugh Caddis. It's also a great point fly behind a caddis larva. 



Hook: Tiemco 100

Thread: Black UNI 8/0

Bead: Gold Tungten (sized to hook)

Tail: Tan Sparkle Yarn

Underbody: Olive or Tan Haretron Dubbing

Wing: Deer Hair,

Collar: Brown Peacock Herl

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