Mercury Flashback RS2, Dorsey

Mercury Flashback RS2, Dorsey

Looking for a killer emerger on a sunny day? Look no further.


The flashback, wing and mercury bead make this mayfly stick out and quickly grab the attention of selective trout! This variation of Chung's classic RS2 is a must have in any box.


Tying Tips:

- Keep the underbody as thin as possible (we like Semperfli 18/0 for this purpose).

- Create dubbing noodles so sparse that you can barely see the dubbing.



Hook: Tiemco 100 (16-24)

Tail: Tailing Fibbetts (Color to Match Body)

Thread: Veevus 14/0 or Semperflie 18/0

Abdomen: Super Fine Dubbing

Thorax: Super Fine Dubbing

Flashback: Medium Pearl Tinsel

Wing: Glamour Medeira 

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