Mercury Mayfly, Dorsey

Mercury Mayfly, Dorsey

Pat Dorsey's Mercury Baetis and PMD are tried and true. They're lean, buggy and simple. 


Trout love swimming Baetis nymphs during a hatch and will travel a far distance to eat. However, the imitation needs to be exact in size and color. It's a great attractor, but can be an effective point fly as well. 


Fish them larger in the Spring (18-22) and smaller in the Fall (20-24). 



Hook: Tiemco 200R

Thread: Veevus 14/0 or Semperfli 18/0

Bead: Midge Silver Lined Mercury Bead

Tail: Tailing Fibbetts or Black Saddle Hackle FIbers

Body: Superfine Dubbing

Wingcase: Black Z-Lon

Wings: Black Z-Lon

Thorax: Superine Dubbing

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