Prince Nymph, Prince

Prince Nymph, Prince


Doug Prince created a classic. It inmitates a host of different bugs based on size and color. 


While most fish this fly in the classic variation, we like to tie it up in a variety of colors and sizes. UV Ice Dubbing is an excellent substitute for Peacock Herl that can create a host of options. 


It can imitate Mayflies, Caddis and Stoneflies. One of the best searching patterns available, fish this as a lead fly when there's no hatch and you aren't sure what the fish are taking. 



Hook: Tiemco 5262

Bead: Tungsten (sized to hook, slightly oversized)

Thread: UTC 70 Denier Black (up to 14) Veevus 14/0 (16-18)

Underbody: Lead Free Wire

Tail: Brown Goose Biots

Abdomen: Peacock Herl

Ribbing: UTC Wire Gold (or Gold Tinsel)

Hackle: Brown Rooster

Horns: White Goose Biots


.025-hook sizes 6 through 10
.020-hook sizes 12 and 14
.015-hook sizes 14 and 16
.010-hook sizes 18 and smaller

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