Sands' Epoxy Mysis, Sands

Sands' Epoxy Mysis, Sands

Mysis shrimp were introduced to several Colorado resevoirs in the 1970's. Most notably the Dillon, Taylor and Ruedi Resovoirs. 


If you fish the Blue River, Taylor River or Frying Pan, you'll want some Mysis imitations in your pack. Translucent imitations represent living Mysis Shrimp, and are best fished closer to the dam.


This is a great attractor pattern in these rivers where trout key on the protein-heavy shrimp. 



Hook: Tiemco 200R

Thread: UNI Mono

Eyes: 20lb Mono (Burned and colored Black)

Abdomen: Solarez UV Resin

Antennae: White Antron and Natural Wood Duck

Feelers: White Antron

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