Soft Hackle Emerger, Craven

Soft Hackle Emerger, Craven

Craven designed one of the most versatile mayfly imitations with this one!


While everyone is fishing RS2's, which is hard to beat, this fly will stand apart. Like an RS2, this fly can be nymphed or fished as an emerger. This pattern can mimic one more important stage- a drowned spinner.


One of our favorite mayfly imitations.



Hook: Tiemco 101 (16-24)

Tail: Tailing Fibbetts 

Thread: Veevus 14/0

Abdomen: Gray Beaver or Muskrat Dubbing

Wing: White Fluro Fiber

Hackle: Med Dun Hen Neck Hackle, Soft

Thorax: Gray Beaver or Muskrat Dubbing

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