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100% of all proceeds from are used to help Men with Mental Illness. With your help, we can remove the stigma, provide resources to take action and make lives better.

Our Mission

Fly Fishing


Fishing the Good Fight, Inc. is a non-profit corporation leveraging the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing to support Men’s Mental Health. 

We all know men who have taken their lives. We all know men who have had significant struggles with mental illness and/ or substance abuse. This silent epidemic needs to be addressed, and we believe fly fishing and tying can help.

Commitment to Quality

All of our flies are hand-tied and feature the highest quality materials. Every fly is inspected before shipment. We initially tied every single fly ourselves, but thanks to your commitment to Men's Mental Health and our growth were offered the opportunity to become one of the only Umpqua Feather Merchants online retailers in the world. This allows us to further our mission and meet demand without sacrificing quality. 

Tight lines!

Custom Flies


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