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 men's groups

When not on the water, Open and Closed Men's Groups help us build community, work on our mental health and maintain a connection to fly fishing. 


Open Groups occur once per month. Come to one, come every month! Closed Groups are on-going. Participants sign up for the entire series.


 open men's groups


May 17, 6:30pm

fighting fear and finding freedom

Join David Neale for a presentation that will focus on boldly confronting fears, and the parts of you that perpetuate those fears, in the search for your most authentic self and the freedom that awaits you.

David is a mental health professional working with clients in overcoming the issues that are holding them back from reaching their highest potential. He works with men from all walks of life.

Wednesday May 17, 6:30pm
Denver YMCA

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june 21, 6:30pm

Introducing The A-B-C-D Model

John Hague, Licensed Professional Counselor, will introduce a Cognitive Behavior Therapy concept called the ABCD Model. John has over 11 years of experience working with men who have gained new perspectives. The ABCD concept teaches how to recognize, and catch our Negative Automatic Thoughts.  Let's make the choice to get authentic with our negative beliefs about ourselves that we carry with us. 

Wednesday June 21, 6:30pm
Denver YMCA




Elevated Counseling

2727 Bryant St. #430 Denver, Colorado 80211

This Closed Men's Group is on-going as it occurs weekly and continues indefinitely. Participants can opt out at any time and their spot will be filled by another participant who is on the waitlist.


Participants will be charged $50 for each group by Elevated Counseling. Elevated Counseling will handle all billing and payments at the event. No payment is needed to register, however the facilitator will be reaching out to ensure that this is the right group for you and will be collecting a $100 deposit that will secure your spot in the group and cover the cost of the first two groups.


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