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Getting Unstuck – Cultivating Curiosity Podcast: "Fishing the Good Fight—Healing on the Stream for Men with Mental Health Issues"

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This episode delves into the innovative work of “Fishing the Good Fight,” a non-profit that leverages the therapeutic power of fly fishing to address men's mental health challenges. Through personal stories and insightful discussion, the conversation explores how these retreats provide a safe space for men to open up, connect with nature, and build a supportive community. We learn about the retreats' structure, the importance of volunteers, and the organization's future goals, including expanding their reach and impact.

Three Takeaways:

  1. Breaking the Silence:  This episode tackles the often-overlooked issue of men's mental health. Jim shares his own story and highlights the importance of creating a safe space for men to open up and seek support.

  2. Beyond the Cast:  Fly fishing becomes more than a hobby in this context. “Fishing the Good Fight “uses fly fishing retreats as a therapeutic tool, fostering a supportive environment for men to connect with nature and each other.

  3. Building a Community:  The episode explores the power of community for men's mental health. The retreats provide a space for men to share their struggles, build connections, and find a sense of belonging. Jim emphasizes the importance of alumni support networks that keep the connections strong.

About Guest

Jim Flint is the interim Executive Director and Director of Operations for Fishing the Good Fight.

Jim Flint has been directing non-profit organizations for the past 25 years. He was the founding director of two youth development organizations, the Fiver Children’s Foundation in New York City and the Peak Initiative in Milwaukee.

He joined the “Fishing the Good Fight” team in 2022 as the organization’s Director of Operations and currently serves at the interim Executive Director.

Jim lives in South Florida but spends a considerable amount of time in Denver, CO, where “Fishing the Good Fight” is based.

About Jeff

Jeff Ikler is the Director of Quetico Leadership and Career Coaching. “Quetico” (KWEH-teh-co). He works with leaders in all aspects of life to identify and overcome obstacles in their desired future. He came to the field of coaching after a 35-year career in educational publishing. Prior to his career in educational publishing, Jeff taught high school U.S. history and government.

Jeff has hosted the “Getting Unstuck—Cultivating Curiosity” podcast for 5 years. The guests and topics he explores are designed to help listeners think differently about the familiar and welcome the new as something to consider. He is also the co-host of the Cultivating Resilience – A Whole Community Approach to Alleviating Trauma in Schools, which promotes mental health and overall wellness.

Jeff co-authored Shifting: How School Leaders Can Create a Culture of Change. Shifting integrates leadership development and change mechanics in a three-part change framework to help guide school leaders and their teams toward productive change.

Show Credits

"Getting Unstuck" is commercial-free. It’s brought to you by Jeff Ikler, his amazing guests, and Neil Hughes, the best engineer a podcaster could ask for.

"Getting Unstuck" theme music: Original composition of "Allegro ben ritmato e deciso" by George Gershwin. Arrangement and recording courtesy of Bruno Lecoeur.

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