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Reflections from Arkansas River Retreat - April 12-14, 2024

As we gathered in our final circle before departing the retreat, the impact the weekend had on all of us was palpable.

Our retreats are much more than a group of guys coming together to fish. The inner work during our groups led by therapist Zach Gart, the conversations around meals, the sharing of our stories, and our time fishing together, all have a profound impact.

The result? Men feel connected to other men. They feel supported and connected. They leave motivated to make positive changes in their lives.

During our closing circle, we practice gratitude by giving specific "thank you's" to those in the group. To say that the gratitude was flowing is an understatement. Some men were grateful for a specific individual who supported them during the weekend. Some acknowledged our amazing volunteers. And, everyone was thankful for the opportunity to take what they experienced home; to take what they experienced and strive to be a better friend, father, or partner.

For me, these retreats are a huge recharge. I am always so inspired by the men who attend, both as participants and volunteers.

If you know someone in need of support, a little connection or simply needs to get away for the weekend, please refer them to our retreats. They are powerful and sometimes life changing experiences... I know they have been for me.

Jim Flint, FTGF Operations Director

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