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The research is abundantly clear: spending time in nature, developing healthy habits and hobbies and surrounding ourselves with supportive people all have positive effects on our mental health. Fishing the Good Fight retreats allow participants to do all of these things in one weekend!

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Why attend a retreat?

Retreats are attended by men looking to meet other men who are interested in improving their mental health. Participants experience the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing and have the opportunity to personally grow during group and one-on-one wellness sessions. A licensed therapist attends the entire retreat and leads these sessions. 


Our retreats are epic fly fishing adventures! We fish some of Colorado’s most pristine streams often on private land. We provide expert anglers to teach and assist the beginning and experienced fisherman alike. Our team of commercial fly tiers provide detailed instruction and walk participants through tying patterns that will be used throughout the weekend. Fishing experience is NOT required.


Attendance is limited to eight participants and spots fill up quickly. 

“Being able to attend the Fishing the Good Fight retreat was a breath of fresh air for me. The retreat wasn’t just a reset for me, but a reenergizing launching point to connect with other men and nature. Spending time along Tarryall Creek allowed me to notice parts of my inner self that needed to be mended. This time allowed me to work on mending those vulnerable areas alongside new friends and with a professional counselor.”

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October 15-17

  • Lodging:  Mountain Chalet in Salida, Colorado.

  • Fishing:  Private water located on the Arkansas River.

  • Friday Arrival between 7-9:30pm

  • Sunday Afternoon Departure

  • Cost: $975 which includes two nights of lodging, food for the weekend and all activities.

**If cost is prohibitive, please inquire about our scholarship program when contacting us.

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