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The Crisis in Male Mental Health: A Call to Action

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The American Journal of Men's Health is releasing a six part series about the crisis that is men's mental health. The link is below.

We'll be posting each installment as it is released.

A few key points from the first installment:

  1. Nearly half of those who commit suicide do not have a known mental health condition.

  2. Awareness and screening tactics need to be evaluated and improved.

  3. Men are up to 7X more likely than women to commit suicide and male suicides are more likely to be violent to both the victim and others.

  4. Male specific clinical training is needed in undergraduate and post graduate curriculums.

  5. Men's mental health has a far reaching impact on society as a whole. It affects all relationships and our economy via decreased work productivity,

This article highlights why Fishing the Good Fight was founded and the steps we are taking to address the problem. Our mission is to improve all lives by serving men facing mental health challenges.

We do this by:

  • Raising awareness and striving to reduce the stigma around mental health challenges.

  • Providing financial assistance to men in need of help. We provide direct financial support for professional therapy and our retreats through our Scholarship Fund.

  • Providing expert mental health resources for individuals who need help or loved ones looking to support someone facing mental health challenges.

  • Fly fishing retreats which are designed to provide a safe setting to discuss mental health challenges while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of fly fishing and nature.

  • Tying and selling premium flies. All of our flies are hand tied, with 100% of all proceeds being used to support our mission and programs.

Male Mental Health Crisis- Part 1
Download PDF • 342KB

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